Android 11 System Update With The New Privacy Policy

Chat Bubble Will Allow A User To Respond To Message Without Switching Apps

Chat Bubble Will Allow A User To Respond To Message Without Switching Apps

A new operating system has been launched by Google as Android 11, which has new and updated privacy tools and a screen-recording tool along with several other features to further improve the android operating system usage. The latest updates for Android 11 are available to be downloaded and installed in Google Pixel devices from September 10. This latest android software allows the user to easily keep track of their text messages across several applications in the smartphone, along with fast and easy control of smart household appliances and gadgets.

New features in android system update

This year’s Android 11 update has been allowed and encouraged by Google to be used by other third-party device manufacturing firms much more quickly than they previously used to. While multiple brands have been allowed to use this update of Android 11, other brands still lag behind. In addition to the Pixel brand by Google, other firms, including OnePlus, Xiaomi, Oppo, and Realme has also offered to roll out its updated operating system with Android 11.

Samsung, Huawei, Nokia, and LG still require some time before they adapt to these new and innovative Android 11 features along with their own user interfaces. Moreover, it has been stated by the experts that for this new Android 11 operating system, Google has completely disconnected applications and its security updates from their key system releases for some time being, which suggests that the software would have reduced lags and issues.

Android system updates are regularly revised and improved throughout the year via several application updates, which are generally done by the manufacturing parties independently. In contract with this, the Apple operating system’s features updates have a very long internal in between updates, by which all modernized features are added into the smartphones at once.

Some of the improved and updated features available in the innovative Android 11 include the ability to provide phone’s access to newly installed applications in one single step. It also provides the ability to retract all given access permissions to third-party applications if that app has not been opened on the phone for a few months. This new Android 11 operating feature set includes the limitation of launching the built-in phone camera application rather than the alternative provided by the third-party application. This feature has been added to improve the security of the individual as it allows the developers with the ability to harvest the location information without the content of the user.

This new addition of characteristics in the Android 11 system update will protect the privacy of the user, as usually, people click the in-app permissions without giving it a second thought that allows the manufacturing company to gather personal and sensitive information.

Easier access to simplified designs

Multiple changes that are observed in the latest Android 11 are focused on simplifying the usage of smartphones. A feature that is essential in today’s era is bringing forward controls of all connected devices in one screen by pressing down the power button of the device. An additional tool included in the new system update for Android 11 allows easy management of messaging applications. All notifications from the messaging applications would be grouped together in a specific section of conversations, which could be accessed by swiping down from the top of the smartphone screen. This feature would allow the user to completely separate these sorts of notification from all other important alerts. Users could also prioritize certain chats to appear in the top section of the notification bar, and the phone will have the option to still ring even if Do Not Disturb mode is turned on. Along with this, Chat Bubbles can also be allowed to set for all chatting applications, which allows the user to efficiently and quickly respond back to their messages without switching applications.

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