Amy Klobuchar and Pete Buttigieg endorse Joe Biden

Would Joe Biden even have a chance in the Campaign without the endorsements?

Endorsement or a Political Step against Senator Bernie Sanders

The Democratic rally held in Dallas, Texas, was a big part of the presidential election campaign. During this rally, the centrist candidates ended their campaigns and are now rallying along with Amy Klobuchar and Pete Buttigieg endorses Joe Biden against Bernie Sanders.  This happened at the last minute to unite the democratic wing. Amy Amy Klobuchar and Pete Buttigieg endorses Joe Biden by giving him an exceptional thrust ahead of the Super Tuesday premiers that would definitely test his strengths and weaknesses against Senator Bernie Sanders.

Whether Biden is able to stand against Sanders is yet to be confirmed. Joe Biden has a lot of support from the black voters in the southern states, but will it be enough to counter Bernie Sander’s immense support from California.

Reason for Amy Klobuchar’s endorsement

Senator Amy Klobuchar is a senior senate member of the United States from Minnesota. The news regarding Amy Klobuchar and Pete Buttigieg endorses Joe Biden on Monday is the main highlight of the Democratic presidential rally of 2020. Speaking at the rally, at the end of her speech, she presented her news by telling the public about how Joe Biden knows the public minds and will be present to fight for their cause. She also said that Biden might be the key to bring our country together back again and might restore the dignity to the presidency.

During her campaign, Klobuchar was planning on using the platform to call the democratic party’s attention towards her hometown Minnesota, but after the victory of Joe Biden in South Carolina, she has an intense conversation and finalized to drop out of the campaign altogether and provide an endorsement to Joe Biden.  Amy Klobuchar’s exit has increased the chances of this election’s having only two main nominations of Biden and Sanders as finalists.

Why Pete Buttigieg endorsed Joe Biden

After the news following that Klobuchar has endorsed Joe Biden and left the campaign, it feels like a taunt towards Buttigieg as he is planning to back up Biden put has not done so yet. During the Democratic rally speeches, Amy Klobuchar criticized Mayor Buttigieg that he might not be the suitable option for the next president of the United States and will not be able to stand against Trump as compared to her background. But earlier today, Pete Buttigieg endorsed Biten outside a chicken restaurant in Dallas, Texas.

During the endorsement speech, Biden said that Buttigieg reminds him of his, who reportedly died due to Brain cancer at the age of forty-five.  In the speech delivered by Pete Buttigieg during the rally, he highlighted some points, including the bullying by children following the example of the current president’s behavior.

Why people are inclined towards Joe Biden?

Last week, Joe Biden was nowhere near Senator Sanders in the poll conducted as Sanders has a single-digit lead on Biden and was expected to not be around anymore for Super Tuesday, but that changed when Amy Klobuchar and Pete Buttigieg endorses Joe Biden. A new poll that was held in South Carolina indicates that Joe Biden and Pete Buttigieg are neck to neck in this campaign and is expected to win the United States presidential elections of 2020 scheduled in November and ultimately defeat Donald Trump who has caused massive outrages in the public sector.

Even before Amy Klobuchar and Pete Buttigieg endorse Joe Biden, people were inclined to vote for him as he took to beat the National Rifle Association. Biden also helped Barak Obama in saving the American auto industry. According to the poll, Biden has climbed up to 26%, and Sanders had a decline to 29%. Those numbers represent a seven-point incline for Biden and a three-point decline for Sanders.

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