Amazon Warehouse Workers Vote No on Union Representation in NY State

Workers at an Amazon warehouse near Albany, New York, have voted against union representation, according to a tally Tuesday. The vote over whether to join the Amazon Labor Union took place on the warehouse premises over the previous week, and it was the third election asking workers whether they wanted to be represented by the fledgling labor group.

The unofficial tally was 406 votes against and 206 votes for the union. The results must be certified by the National Labor Relations Board, and both Amazon and the union can bring challenges to the election.

ALU president Chris Smalls expressed frustration over Amazon’s actions leading up to the vote, saying the company interfered with the process in a statement shared on Twitter. He said that workers experienced intimidation and harassment, and that those who volunteered as election observers were threatened with the loss of their jobs. 

“The suits at Amazon corporate know that they can’t win without putting their thumb on the scale,” Smalls said.

Amazon didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment on Smalls’ claims. 

“We’re glad that our team in Albany was able to have their voices heard, and that they chose to keep the direct relationship with Amazon as we think that this is the best arrangement for both our employees and customers,” Amazon spokesperson Kelly Nantel said in a statement. “We will continue to work directly with our teammates in Albany, as we do everywhere, to keep making Amazon better every day.”

The NLRB, which administers federal labor law and conducts union elections, has found merit in some of ALU’s past complaints about Amazon’s mandatory meetings arguing against unions. A prosecutor with the federal agency has also alleged the company engaged in harassment and intimidation by interrogating and surveilling workers in Staten Island.

Workers at a Staten Island warehouse voted to join the Amazon Labor Union in April, and a second Staten Island warehouse voted against the union in May.

This is a developing story.

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