Amazon Requested Biden to Prioritize Its Workers for the Vaccine Distribution Plans

Trump Administration Failed To Provide a Detailed Account for Distribution and Biden Does Not Have a Detailed Plan Yet

The e-commerce firm Amazon wasted no time and reached out to the newly-elected President of the United States, Joe Biden, who took the oath for the presidency yesterday on January 20th, 2020. Amazon has requested Joe Biden to prioritize the workers that are working for the firm in his plans for the distribution of the coronavirus vaccine.

Amazon’s plea for distribution administration

The executive director for Amazon Dave Clark sent a letter to the recently installed President Biden, stating that the e-commerce company is ready to stand alongside him in assisting in the vaccination process for the 100 million residents of the United States in the initial 100 days of his presidency, as he has pledged to do so.

As a part of the offer, Clark has also highlighted that Amazon has currently employed more than 800,000 United States-based employees, most of which are working to provide essential roles at the fulfilment centres by Amazon, Whole Food Markets and AWS data collecting centres. These working individuals should be able to receive the coronavirus vaccination as soon as possible.

He also added that the tech firm also had a previous agreement with a third party licensed occupational medical health care provider for the administration of the viable COVID-19 vaccine at all of the facilities of Amazon.

This has not been the first time that the e-commerce company Amazon has requested for early access to the COVID-19 vaccine for their working staff. In the month of December last year, David Clark has written a letter to the advisory committee of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention of the United States of immunization practices with early access to the coronavirus vaccine at the earliest suitable time duration.

Other firms, including Uber and National Retail Federation has also submitted requests similar to the one from Amazon for the immunization for drivers and retail industry, which could help limit and prevent further transmission of the deadly viral infection.

This push was started for the safety of the workers has become an area of increased scrutinization by the companies amid the coronavirus pandemic, who does not observe any economic recession even with the increasing issue of global economic declination.

In the month of October last year, Amazon said that more than 19,000 of their employees, which have been working in the frontline in Whole Food and Amazon have either been tested positive or deemed positive due to the show of symptoms for the infectious coronavirus.

This is the first time when Amazon has shed light on its workforce and how it has been severely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, after several months of getting both external and internal pressures for more transparency of the situation.

In the letter penned by David Clark, he has suggested to Joe Biden that his firm Amazon could provide help during the administration process for the coronavirus vaccine more broadly and in less time, but the details have been unclear. He has written that Amazon is prepared to even leverage their information technology, operating measures, and expertise and communication capabilities for around the country during the assistance for the administration of the COVID-19 vaccine efforts.

The large scale working model of Amazon allows them to make a significant immediate impact over the general population of the country in the fight against the deadly viral pathogenic infection and is standing by to assist President Biden in his effort to immunize the country.

Joe Biden’s plans for vaccine distribution

The recently sworn-in President of the United States, Joe Biden has stated that the Trump administration had previously shared information about the COVID-19 vaccine distribution plans, but he is yet to see any detailed account of the matter.

He also said that there had been no reports on to how the vaccine would be taken out of the container, put into an injection syringe and inside a person’s bloodstream. The process is very difficult and a very expensive proposition.

Joe Biden has emphasized that the process for the distribution of the vaccine would be done in an equitable manner, as it has been observed that American residents who are either black by ethnicity or Hispanic have been infected and left untreated which resulted in the greater mortality ration as compared to white American residents.

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