Amazon Pledges $10 Billion to fight climate change

Will only money be able to save the Earth?

An attempt to save the earth with money

Our earth is undergoing some major climatic changes due to the main primary cause that is the increasing number of population, which is further leading to many secondary complications including a large production of greenhouse gasses, pollution, reduced resource i.e., water, electricity.

Many countries have started different initiatives that have played a large role in the reduction of the population, such as only 1 birth of child allowed per couple in China. Along with trying to eliminate the root cause, there are also many initiatives taken to reduce the increasing rate of pollution that has covered and slowly consuming and choking the earth.

Jeff Bezos Funds:

Jeff Bezos is the current CEO of Amazon and has a net value of $130 billion. Recently announced in his recent Instagram post, he has started an initiate named Bezos Earth Fund to help the earth and reduce global warming. Giving around 7.7% of his net value, CEO of Amazon Pledges $10 Billion to fight climate changecrisis that has increased a lot in the last couple of years and has had a major boost due to the recent bush fire in Australia.

This initiative taken will fund various NGOs, scientists, and activists throughout the world which are trying to help reduce the increasing climate changes and using the platforms to give awareness on how to stop global warming altogether.

After the press conference held by Jeff Bezos in which he announced that Amazon pledge $10 billion to fight climate change, the employees currently working in Amazon are not hundred percent in agreement with the given statement as they think that the company it solely causes a large number of climatic changes majorly large production of Carbon dioxide.

Amazon is now trying towards a more environmentally friendly approach to reducing carbon footprinting which is the main reason for the decline in our climate by reducing the amount of diesel truck usage that plays a major role in air pollution for delivering parcels and clouds computing for oil and gas exploration.

Last year, many of the Amazon’s employees signed a letter to the board of directors, calling them to end the contract between them and various oil and gas companies, switching to electric trucks from diesel engines which are ruining the health of children inhabiting near the warehouses and halting their donations to the lawmakers who are inclined towards stopping the climate change.

Due to this and a climate awareness walk initiated by the workers has led the company to accept the demands and has pledged to being committed to use 100% reusable energy by 2030 which is a big demand as the company mainly relies on using the fossil fuels in trucks and planes to provide shipment to billions of consumers around the globe.

People are slamming the CEO of Amazon after the statement release to start the initiative from home rather than to do it all in one go and to reduce the “ridiculous” amount of packaging that is used to pack the products that the consumer orders from the site that is using a large quantity of packaging for a small product that plays a large compound in the world’s increasing amount of garbage and disposable department.

A few other renowned people whose net worth lies in billions of dollars have also taken initiatives along with Amazon Pledges $10 Billion to fight climate changeAmazon Pledges dollar10 Billion to fight climate change to help with the increasing amount of damage that our environment is suffering.

Money is not the only way by which this increasing amount of climatic changes can be reduced, but it will take a combined effect by all the inhabitants living on this earth, including small and large companies, global organizations, and every individual for making the place livable for the future generations to come.

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