Amazon Introduced Palm Scanner For Secure Payments

Palm Scanning Is Fast, Easy, And Reliable Compared With Debit/Credit Card Or Cash

Palm Scanning Is Fast, Easy, And Reliable

The E-commerce giant Amazon has recently announced a new and much more secure method of payment for their transactions by providing the facility of a palm scanner that allows the user to directly scan the palm of their hand to follow through their monetary transaction in a matter of seconds.

The palm scanner would be known as Amazon One scanner, on which the user registers by using an image of the palm of their hand, and the device will recognize to complete through the payment by hovering the hand over the device scanner for a couple of seconds.

This palm scanner by Amazon will be made available for public utilization in only two of Amazon’s physical stores located in the United State’s city of Seattle before being made accessible in the rest of their stores.

Reliable method of payment and transactions

According to Amazon, the firm is currently having discussions with multiple brands as potential customers for providing the palm scanner to other company’s store outlets in the future. In the upcoming future, Amazon One would be able to become one of the fastest and reliable methods of payment, along with using the option of loyalty card present at the checkout counter while the traditional payment method would also stay.

It has also been stated by Amazon that using the palm scanner method would also be made available for entrance into a location like stadiums and scanning the palm side of the hand to enter the office workspace instead of using an ID card in the future. Amazon believes that their palm scanner Amazon One would be sued by multiple other corporations other than Amazon themselves.

Accessibility of palm scanner

Using a palm scanner for payments and secure entry is not a completely new piece of technology, and several firms are already using this type of scanning device for commercial use.

The identification of individuals using palm scanning is actually based on capturing images of the pattern of veins located on the palm side of the hand. These patterns are specific to each finger and differ completely from one individual to another. As these patterns are located underneath the epidermis of the skin, forgery of these is extremely difficult.

This new level of security is roughly similar to the usual fingerprint sensors, which are commonly made available in numerous electronic devices. But as compared to fingerprint sensors, palm scanner would be easily accessible by hovering the hand several centimeters above the scanning portion, making it much more practical amid the coronavirus pandemic.

As compared with other forms of secure identification, this method of biometric authentication by using a palm scanner is completely based on a physical characteristic that is consistent throughout the lifetime of an individual, providing much more security and reliability and extremely hard to steal, change, or fake.

No complete technical workings have been provided by Amazon, but it has been announced that the palm scanner Amazon One will be using custom-built hardware and algorithms and will be scanning the distinct features below and on the surface of the palm side of the hand. As compared to facial recognition software, a palm scanner cannot determine the identity of the person.

Amazon has paused their workings on making their facial recognition software after a civil rights lawyer has raised several concerns regarding potential biases on races across the world. According to Amazon, developing a palm scanner that has included the international gesture of holding straight the palm of the hand over the scanner will be easily accessible by all individuals. The contactless nature of this device allows the users to use the device without possible germ contact, especially during the current time of coronavirus infection spread across the globe.

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