After Visit of US Envoy, Israel-Gaza Conflict Rages

2,300 Rockets Fired from Gaza, Out of Which 1000 Had Been Intercepted, and 380 Fell Short and Dropped Inside Gaza

As the Israel-Gaza conflict continues, an envoy from the United States has visited the Israeli city of Tel Aviv in an attempt to start de-escalation talks between both countries. Hady Amir would be taking part in the negotiations between Palestinians, Israel, and the United Nations officials and will try to reinforce what is said by the diplomats from the United States as a much-needed situation to form a sustainable calm in the region.

Aggravating conflict between Palestine and Israel

The airstrike by the Israeli military forces on a refugee camp which is located in the Gaza Strip during the Israel-Gaza conflict, which has turned into a violent situation in the past week, has led to the death of 10 individuals on Saturday. Meanwhile, the rockets launched by the Palestinian militants have only caused one mortality in Israel.

The violence which has occurred this week during the long-standing Israel-Gaza conflict has been the worst since the year 2014. The President of the United States, Joe Biden, has made diplomatic phone calls to the President of Palestine Mahmoud Abbas and Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu on Saturday. The entire international community has urged both countries to end the escalating tensions.

Around 139 individuals have reportedly died in the city of Gaza, while nine have died in Israel since the Israel-Gaza conflict has recently turned into bombings from Monday. Israel has stated that dozens of militants of Palestine are among the death count in Gaza, meanwhile according to the health ministry of Palestine, nearly half of the dead people were children and women.

The sudden flare-up of violent activities over the past six days in the region have come after several weeks of spiraling tensions between Palestinians and Israeli in the area of East Jerusalem, which later culminated into aggressive clashes between both sides at the holy site of Al-Aqsa Mosque, which is revered by both Muslims and Jews. The militant group of Palestine, which control the city of Gaza, had begun to fire rockets onto Israel after giving multiple warnings to the Israeli forces to withdraw from the area, which further triggered retaliatory Israeli airstrikes, thus aggravating the situation.

On Saturday, thirteen individuals have reportedly died on the Gaza Strip as the Israel-Gaza conflict escalates, out of which ten were killed due to an airstrike by the Israeli military forces at a refugee camp located near the west side of the Gaza City, as reported by the health officials of Palestine.

The only survivor on the site of the airstrike was a five-month-old baby, who was found trapped under a pile of rubble next to his dead mother. Meanwhile, several individuals have reportedly gone missing from the site of the refugee camp airstrike.

Grave situation caused by conflict

Akram Farouq, a 36-year-old individual, fled from his residence located in Gaza alongside his family after one of his neighbors told him that he received a call as a warning from an Israeli officer that their residential building would soon be hit with a rocket as part of retaliation during the ongoing Israel-Gaza conflict. He said that he was unable to sleep the entire previous night due to the ongoing continuous explosions, and now he was stranded out on the street with his children and wife.

According to the United Nations, it has been estimated that more than 10,000 Palestinians have left their residence in the city of Gaza since Monday due to the ongoing violent Israel-Gaza conflict. On Saturday, an Israeli airstrike hit in Gaza was able to destroy a tower block that was located in the housing media organizations. No mortality has yet been reported from this recent attack.

According to the report by Israeli officials, around 200 rockets have been launched from Gaza overnight as part of the Israel-Gaza conflict, which has hit residential areas in the cities of Sderot, Beersheba, and Ashdod.

In the Israeli city of Beersheba, nineteen individuals have been taken to a medical facility after getting slightly injured during running for shelter, while three suffered from shock due to the intensity of the situation.

In the afternoon, a skyrocket had hit a street in Ramat Gan, a suburban area in the city of Tel Aviv, which lead to the death of a person who was reportedly hit by shrapnel while being in his apartment.

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