After US Pull-Out, First Foreigners Fly Out of Kabul

The First Flight by Qatar Airways Had Taken the Individuals to The Capital of Qatar, Doha

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Since the United States pulled out from Afghanistan as they were able to complete off their military operations in the region, which was initiated about 20 years ago, around 200 foreigners fly out of Kabul, including multiple American citizens in the first phase of an operation. The charter flights currently being conducted by Qatar Airways are enroute towards the capital city of Qatar, Doha, while another flight is currently scheduled to take off from Kabul on Friday.

The State Secretary of the United States, Antony Blinken, has urged help to be provided in the evacuation process for foreigners to fly out of Kabul during his recent visitation to Qatar. Hundreds of citizens of Afghanistan who had given their help to the military forces of the United States had been unable to flee from the country during the airlift operation that was conducted by the United States forces in the previous month.

During a press conference that was held at the airbase as foreigners fly out of Kabul, a special envoy sent by the Qatari government Mutlaq bin Majed Al Qahtani had given his description regarding the international airport of Kabul as fully operational and stated that it is a historic moment for Afghanistan.

The initial few flights that are to be the first ones to leave Kabul since the rushed evacuation process of the military-led operation of the United States had finished in the month of August, following the sudden takeover of the Taliban over the entire nation of Afghanistan on August 15. It has been reported that more than 124,000 foreigners fly out of Kabul along with numerous Afghan citizens out of the country in fear of retribution by the Taliban. However, around 100 citizens of the United States are still thought to be left in Afghanistan and are soon to be evacuated.

Beating of journalists

A few photographs have recently been made public, which has shown multiple intensive injuries that had been inflicted onto two journalists that had been able to cover the protest conducted by Afghan women on Wednesday by the Taliban after they were arrested by the insurgent forces in Kabul and were later brutally beaten by them. Some of the leftover foreigners fly out of Kabul as soon as possible due to the ongoing condition of the country.

One of the journalists, a photographer named Nematukkah Naqdi, had told a news agency that one of the members of the Taliban had put his foot over his head and tried to crush his face on the ground over hard concrete. They also had kicked the photographer over his head, to the point where he thought that they might kill him.

Mr. Naqdi was covering the women’s protest in Afghanistan while being present in front of a nearby police station along with his colleague who worked at the local newspaper Etilaatroz, Taqi Darybai.

All public demonstrations have been banned by the Taliban across Afghanistan unless they had been authorized to be conducted by the justice ministry of the country. Dozens of public demonstrators that were present during the protest chanted ‘we want freedom’ while being present near the Pakistan embassy located in Kabul, soon after which the Taliban gunmen had opened fire with live ammunition to disperse the large crowd. Later on the next day, the foreigners fly out of Kabul to safely return back to their nations.

According to the local media reports, another protest was held in the Kapisa province of Afghanistan, which is located in the north-eastern region near Kabul. According to the sources, several women that were present during the protest had been arrested by the Taliban forces.

One of the Afghan women later said that it is their right to be able to safely protest in the region, and they will continue to do so, now that they know what it meant by the new cabinet formed by the Taliban. They previously had been saying that the Afghan women should wait for some time before the insurgent group publicly announces the formation of the new cabinet, on which not a single woman has been appointed.

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