After Meeting Infected Doctor Putin Decides To Work Remotely

President Will Conduct His Meetings As Scheduled Via Video Conference

Putin Decides To Work Remotely After Meeting with Infected Doctor

Russian President Vladimir Putin decides to work remotely to carry out his duties as the Head of the country after meeting with a doctor who was later tested positive for COVID 19 in the country’s main hospital providing treatment for coronavirus. President Putin decides to work remotely, following which he conducted a meeting with his ministers via video calling regarding the development of an agro-industrial complex in Russia.

President Putin is conducting meetings via video call

According to the statement given to the journalists by Kremlin spokesman, which was just before Putin’s virtual meeting with the cabinet members that President Putin decides to work remotely from his office to prevent social interaction that could increase the chance of further spread of the coronavirus which has already plagued more than 200 countries across the world and the numbers continue to increase daily even after implying all preventive measures that would help reduce or limit the further spread of the infection.

President Putin decides to work remotely from his presidential residence in Novo Ogaryovo, which is located outside Moscow, conducting frequent meetings with the government leaders and cabinet ministers regarding the state of the country, which were previously scheduled to be conducted face to face.

This method is an innovative usage of the recent technology during these frightening times, along with complete participation by all leaders behind the safety of their homes, which would also prevent them from getting the infection.

After Putin decides to work remotely behind the doors of his residency, his spokesperson has informed that the president has taken this decision of self-isolation as a precautionary measure against COVID 19, which has already infected 912,565 people across the globe out of which 2, 777 are present in Russia. The death toll that was increasing fast has seen a decline in the rate as it has reached 45, 541, including 24 deaths that have been reported in Russia due to COVID 19.

Preventive measures by Putin

Russian President Putin decides to work remotely, but no comment has been made regarding him acquiring the virus. Previously, Putin was seen to be wearing a bright yellow hazmat suit during a hospital visit, which was conducted last Tuesday. The president was also seen to be talking to Protsenko without using any protective equipment.

All those individuals who were present along with the President at Kommunarka are also being tested daily for COVID 19. President Putin decides to work remotely, which will help him in social distancing after 70% of Russia’s population has been strictly ordered to maintain confinement during the pandemic.

Lockdown in Russia

Russia has been put into strict lockdown following the example of other countries during the COVID 19 pandemic. All non-essential travel has been banned; the borders of the country have been shut down along with all public places that might attract a crowd of more than 10 people. The country has postponed all sporting and cultural events that were scheduled to happen from March till May. Nightclubs and cinemas are also strictly under lockdown in an effort to limit the spread of COVID 19.

Restaurants and fast food centers are allowed to open their delivery and drive-thru facilities to help the general population. All pharmacies, health care facilities along with grocery stores and other places which sell necessary household items are allowed to be open during the pandemic to help the general public.

All individuals are urged by the Russian government to follow social distancing, which includes having a safe distance of more than 1 meter from all individuals when traveling outside their homes. Following the same example, President Putin decides to work remotely from his residence to eliminate the chance of him getting the infection.

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