After Hack of 29 Million Users, Security Measures By Facebook

Tips and tricks to prevent from being hacked!

Security Measures By Facebook

Facebook is the world’s popular social networking site, and people all around the world are using this to connect with their family, friends and even make new friends globally. Facebook along with Instagram and Whatsapp, is now being used to connect with people daily and even to share their life stories i.e., photos, videos, etc.

Due to the massive amount of people that are currently using this platform also come the responsibilities to keep and maintain everyone’s privacy and security so that the users can have a carefree experience. This increasing number of accounts also makes them easy targets be hacked as they do not have that level of security that is required. Facebook has already deleted a large number of fake accounts to preserve election integrity and has provided additional security measures by Facebook. Around 83 million fake accounts can be seen on Facebook to provide misinformation, spam or harmful links.

There are many methods that can be easily accessed to hack into a Facebook account due to which the number of hacked accounts has reached around 30 million and the need to apply new security measures by Facebook. A large number of fake Facebook accounts are deleted to reduce deception and to provide a better interface to combat the 2020 election’s interference. Here are some of the tips and tricks that can provide you a better privacy and security measures by Facebook to get your account from getting hacked:

Current Security Measures By Facebook

  • To use strong strength password and change password

Passwords can easily be predicted by the people that know you, so if you have made your password, your birthday, your pet’s name, hometown, or something easy, you immediately need to change it to stop it from getting hacked.  To make your password’s strength strong, add a combination of letters and words. Never make the same passwords for all network accounts as the hackers will often try the same passwords for other accounts after hacking even one of them

  • Activate Login Alerts

By activating login alerts, Facebook will email and send a notification to your Facebook account to alert you if your account has been logged from an unknown device or a device that is not in your region. The email provides the IP address, device name and city from where it was logged from. To activate this option, visit login alerts in your security menu.

  • Login Approvals

This is probably one of the best security measures by Facebook that has been added to its account menu. By switching on this option, whenever you log into your account from an unrecognized device, it will ask a security code that can also save your account from getting hacked. Think of this as an additional password that might save your information from being leaked.

  • Add your phone number

By adding your mobile number, even if due to any reason you forgot your password, Facebook will send a series of number to your mobile phone so that you can have easy access and does not get locked out of your account.

  • Always check your active session

By this cool feature added to security measures by Facebook, you can now see your activity schedule along with timings and devices from which your account was logged on from. Now you can easily see and prevent your account’s safety. If you notice any suspicious login activity, immediately press the end session and your account would be logged out of that device.

  • Avoid spam links

The most convenient way to hack into someone’s account is by sending them a spam link. By that, the hacker will have direct access to your password and can easily log into it anytime. To reduce and prevent this, do not click on links that require you to re-enter your email id, username, phone number and password. There are also some websites available from which you can check if the URL is legitimate or not.

  • Add Only Known Persons

Most of the time, the accounts hacked are due to adding strangers to your account. Do not trust any stranger with your password. You do not know if the unknown person is even real, as they might be playing games with you or can also be hackers.

These are not all the security measures by Facebook, but they are more than enough to maintain your account’s security and privacy and prevent getting any personal information from leaking. By following these simple yet effective steps can help you to get a smooth experience.

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