Afghans May Face ‘Hell on Earth’ Due to Food Shortage as Winter Looms

Millions of Afghan Citizens Are Completely Dependent on Food Products Provided by World Health Organization and Similar Organizations

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The country of Afghanistan has started to feel the real hunger fear as the winter season is coming. The weather conditions of the country are turning from the warmth of early autumn to sharp chilly winds. Multiple areas across the country have reported the conditions of drought, which is further adding to the growing catastrophe of food shortage.

In the region of Maidan Wardak, which is located about 50 miles from the capital city of Kabul in the west direction, a crowd comprising of hundred men have recently gathered with hope to get their hands of flour which are being provided through the World Food Program at various official distribution points that are present throughout the country to counter the growing issue of food shortage.

Food distribution

The soldiers of Taliban forces have been able to keep the massive crowds from making chaos and disorganization at the collection sites, but those individuals that have been told that they are not eligible to receive any kind of food hand-outs have become frightened and angry due to the ongoing food shortage across the country of Afghanistan after the foreign military forces have left the region, which is likely to further aggravate due to the upcoming winter season.

When asked by an old Afghan man, he said that the winter season is already upon them, and he didn’t know if he would be able to get through the tough and extreme weather conditions if he is unable to make bread, which has become much hard due to food shortage in the country.

The World Food Program is also facing the challenge of raising the number of supplies for Afghanistan to counter the ongoing food shortage and help the general population of 22 million, which is suffering from extreme conditions after the Taliban has been able to gain control over the entire country.

In case the weather of Afghanistan reaches the predicted conditions in winter along with further escalation in food shortage, it is being expected that a large number of the population of the country is likely to face acute hunger conditions along with widespread famine.

An analysis has recently been conducted by the executive director of the World Food Program David Beasley after his visit on Sunday to Afghanistan’s capital city Kabul, in which he said that the conditions of food shortage has become extremely bad and are now converting into the worst humanitarian crisis on the planet.

About 95% of the total population of Afghanistan does not have enough amount of food to sustain, and overall, 23 million population is on the brink of massive starvation. The upcoming six months would be a catastrophe for the Afghan citizens and would be similar to a hell on Earth.

Help from the international community

Before the Taliban forces were able to gain full control of the country in the month of August, there had been some confidence that the Afghan President Ashraf Ghani’s government would be able to make some arrangements and try to cope with the looming threat of food shortage in winter, given that a large amount of help would arrive from the international community. The hope of possible help vanished into thin air when the government of President Ghani collapsed, and he fled the country.

Multiple developed countries of the west had severed all ties and aids to Afghanistan since they do not want to have any kind of association with a country that does not allow education to girls and is in full favor of reintroducing their previously followed implementation of extreme punishments according to Sharia law.

Executive director Beasley of the World Food Program has challenged the government of wealthy countries along with billionaires to help Afghanistan during their time of dire need as millions of innocent people are likely to face acute hunger conditions due to food shortage.

During his statement, Mr. Beasley said that the world leaders and billionaires should imagine the millions of Afghan citizens as their own children, and you would possibly do every single thing in your power to help them in every possible way; the general population of Afghanistan should also be helped in a similar manner when there is more than $400 trillion worth of wealth across the globe.

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