Afghanistan Is Facing Hunger Under the Taliban Rule

Citizens of Afghanistan Are Struggling to Provide Food to Their Children and Themselves Under the Taliban Rule

The Afghan capital of Kabul is a city that is still waiting for the new life of its citizens to take shape, as a major part is now depending on the will of the new rulers of the country- the Taliban. But the worst crisis that Afghan citizens could possibly further aggravate if not controlled is the excessive hunger under the Taliban.

Hunger crisis

For the poor residents of the city, which is comprised of a major population of the region, is currently hardy able to scrape together some money, which is equivalent to a couple of dollars, to be able to live without complete starvation, and has also become the biggest challenge across the country.

Millions of individuals are living in the state of poverty across Afghanistan that has previously received very large sums of money from foreign aid to resolve this persisting issue. The state of hunger under the Taliban of the general population could be slightly made better by the amount of money that has been left behind the termination of the military operation that has been conducted by the United States military along with some of the other foreign military forces in the country for the past 2 decades.

It has been reported that about $ 9 billion has been reserved in the central bank, but the account has been frozen by the government of the United States to keep the money away from the Taliban forces.

At the time of dawn, hundreds of Afghan citizens that are currently working as construction workers to gain a small portion of money through which they are able to feed themselves, gather in the open-air markets that are located in various sites across Kabul, and look for work, although there is the very little amount of ongoing construction for which workers are required. This situation is further worsening the crisis of hunger under the Taliban rule.

The projects of construction of large buildings in Kabul have come to a halt. The banks throughout the city have been shut down. The foreign money tap has also been shut off due to the control of the Taliban over Afghanistan.

On a daily basis, only a handful of construction workers are picked to be able to work out of hundreds of individuals looking for jobs. The rest of the population is now getting angry, majorly due to the fact that they are unable to provide food for their family and themselves, and the crisis of hunger under the Taliban is getting worse by the day.

Reaction of poor citizens

One of the men looking for a daily job opportunity raged that his fortunes have been stolen by a corrupt elite in the past 20 years. He said that wealthy individuals tend to only think about the well-being of themselves and not about the poor citizens. He added that he is unable to buy bread to eat for himself, as he is unable to fund enough money and suffering from hunger under the Taliban control of the country, while the rest of the rich individuals are putting the aid money that is coming from the West into their own pockets.

When the foreign aid comes for the people of Afghanistan from outside, the wealthy people that are in power ensure that the amount comes to their own relatives and people they know, while the poor tend to starve as they previously did.

Another resident of Kabul, who had been lucky enough to land an office job, had accused the Americans of stealing for Afghans, who are currently suffering from excessive hunger under the Taliban rule. He said that he calls on the United States to give back the money that has been stolen from the Afghan government by Americans, which would be used for the reconstruction of Afghanistan after 20 years of destruction throughout the country.

A major part of the Taliban forces that are spread across the city of Kabul are carrying assault rifles that were developed by the United States while wearing the traditional dress of Shalwar Kameez, along with utilizing the vehicles that had been left by the US military after the termination of their operation, and have entirely left the region with all of their personnel on August 31.

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