Afghan Government Continues Merciless Bombing on Lashkar Gah Residents

Innocent Civilians Stuck Inside While the City Is Under Siege by Both Afghan Forces and Taliban Insurgents

The Taliban forces do not have any mercy on the Lashkar Gah residents, and the Afghan government is not stopping the airstrikes in the area. The southern region of Afghanistan houses thousands of Lashkar Gah residents who are currently fleeing to save their lives or are trapped inside buildings. The fighting to gain control of the city has raged intensely amid the Afghan forces and the militants.

Extensive damage to the city with civilians

One of the residents from the city reported through WhatsApp that numerous corpses of innocent people are lying on the roads throughout the city. However, it is yet to be identified if they belong to the Taliban forces or are civilians who have died as collateral damage in the ongoing fight. Dozens of families have been able to timely flee from their residential homes and have temporarily settled near the area of river Helmand.

While other local Lashkar Gah residents have become terrified after they have seen numerous dead bodies to be lying on the streets all across the city.

The capture of the capital city of Helmand province has a huge symbolic value to the Taliban forces as they are continuing their rapid advancement after the American and other foreign military forces pull out from Afghanistan. The province of Helmand was the focal point for the British and United States military operations, due to which it is wanted by the insurgent forces.

The United Nations, along with other agencies, has given multiple warnings for a rapidly worsening humanitarian crisis in the country of Afghanistan, which can currently be observed by the Lashkar Gah residents due to ongoing combat between Afghan military forces and the Taliban.

According to the statement given by the United Nations on Tuesday that amid the fighting in the region, which has resulted in the death of 40 innocent Lashkar Gah residents in just a single day.

The Afghan government forces have urged the Lashkar Gah residents to leave the city ahead of a major offensive stance against the militant forces. The Taliban is a hardline Islamist group that was driven from the authority in Afghanistan by the military forces led by the United States in the year 2001, about 20 years ago.

Someplace else in the southern region of Afghanistan, the Taliban are utilizing their forces to try to capture the city of Kandahar, which was used to be their stronghold previously; meanwhile, the clashes by the militants have also gained intensity in the western city of Herat.

The fighting between the Taliban and Afghan military has been continuing for the past several days, while the Lashkar Gah residents are extremely suffering from the aftermath. Most of the districts have been reported to be now under the control of the Taliban.

Ongoing combat getting out of hand

A student from the Lashkar Gah residents stated that the civilians are suffering from some of the most difficult days of their lives, as the militant forces have set fire on the ground while the government forces are conducting airstrikes at regular intervals.

One of the Lashkar Gah residents also gave his statement saying that the militia forces can easily be seen moving on the roads of the city, and the presence of the Taliban forces being openly present throughout the city has been an astonishing development for the citizens of Lashkar Gah.

All unnecessary shops have shut down, while the vehicles belonging to the Afghan military forces can be seen lying on the roads completely destroyed after the fighting. The war between both forces continues to rage on within a few meters from the office of the National Security Directorate and the Governor.

The central government has recently given a statement saying that they have recently deployed a new fleet of commandos towards the city to help them, although their arrival is yet to be noticed by the Lashkar Gah residents.

Hundreds of reinforcements by the Afghan government military forces have since been recently reported to have been deployed for the ongoing fight in the city.

On the Weekend of the end of the month of July, the leader of the council of Helmand province, Attaullah Afghan, has admitted that the ongoing combat between both forces in the city of Lashkar Gah seems to be getting out of control on both sides. The Taliban forces were able to make further advancements into the city despite the targeting by the United States and Afghan airstrikes on the militants, with the Lashkar Gah residents still stuck inside the city while it is under siege.

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