Afghan Crisis: Chaos Seen as Europeans and USA Are Hasty to Flee Kabul

Many Individuals Trying to Get Inside Kabul Airport Premises Had Faced Challenging Circumstances

The immense chaotic conditions have been reported from the outside of the Kabul airport as the government of European countries has rushed forward to try to bring back their citizens along with some of their colleagues from Afghanistan due to the ongoing Afghan crisis. German, Czech, Dutch, and French government planes have taken off in the past recent few hours from the Kabul airport.

Taliban Takeover

The working staff members of the Dutch embassy have been taken by surprise due to the arrival of the Taliban forces on Sunday in Kabul and were unable to inform their fellow Afghan colleagues regarding their going, as the Taliban were able to seize the capital city without any intense bloodshed.

Multiple shots have been reported to have been fired just outside the Kabul airport on Wednesday amid the Afghan crisis, as large crowds were trying to get inside. According to the Local reports, several individuals have become wounded that were present near the northern side gate of the airport, and the Taliban forces present on site were preventing the crowds from getting inside the premises of the airbase.

While the governments of the European countries were trying to airlift all of their own national citizens due to the onset of the Afghan crisis that had been present in Afghanistan, along with the Afghan citizens supporting staff members, the foreign policy chief of the European Union, Josep Borrell said that they are unable to abandon the Afghan colleagues who had been working for them, and they are trying to do everything that is in their power to offer them shelter in the European Union.

It has been revealed by France that they have been able to fly 25 French nationals along with 184 Afghan citizens to safety without any harm as they needed security and protection from the ongoing Afghan crisis. On the flight enroute to Abu Dhabi, onboard were two Kenya nationals, one citizen of Ireland, and four Dutch nationals.

As France is currently using Abu Dhabi as an air bridge for the people trying to flee from the rapid onset of the Afghan crisis, Germany has utilized Uzbekistan for its operations. On Wednesday, a second operation flight is to be headed to the city of Tashkent after the first plane has successfully landed in Frankfurt in the evening on Tuesday.

A plane from the Czech Republic has been able to land in the city of Prague as it was able to carry 87 individuals amid the Afghan crisis, which also included Ambassador Jiri Baloun along with Dozens of Afghan citizens who had previously helped officials from Czech that had been working in Afghanistan.

Criticism over left embassy staff

The Foreign Minister of the Netherlands Sigrid Kaag stated that two aircraft have carried their citizens had left from Kabul airport in the morning hours on Wednesday as the Afghan crisis surged in the region. However, recently there has been an outcry in the country of the Netherlands when it has publicly emerged that the staff members of the Dutch embassy located in Afghanistan had fled the arrival of Taliban forces in the city of Kabul without any prior information to their Afghan colleagues.

There has been severe criticism in Sweden that the working staff of the embassy of Sweden had also been airlifted from the country while the rest of the staff that were Afghan citizens, along with interpreters, have been left behind in the Afghan crisis.

The spokesperson for the foreign ministry of the Netherlands has stated that the staff working in the embassy had been woken up by the military forces of the United States and were immediately asked to discretely leave for the Kabul airport in the middle of the night, so they were unable to warn the rest of the local staff members.

Although the Dutch caretaker government stated that they are currently trying to evacuate the people for the capital city of Kabul, but the first flight that was taken off from the airport with only 40 individuals on board, and none of which were Afghan or Dutch nationals, in the late hours on Tuesday had only been allowed to have 30 minutes to be on the ground.

The Afghan crisis situation is awful, along with the retrieval of Dutch nationals from the country, as many people were present at the gates along with their family members at the airport.

On Wednesday, two separate flights were successfully able to leave the Kabul airport that carried Dutch nationals, but no interpreters or family members were allowed.

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