Active Coronavirus Cases Still Dominate Recovered Cases Globally

Rate of Recovery Is Slow As Compared To the Spreading Of COVID-19

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Across the world, the number of confirmed coronavirus cases is increasing every day as more people are getting infected due to violations in the use of personal protective equipment along with a stay at home orders implemented by multiple governments across the world. The numbers of active coronavirus cases still dominate recovered cases globally at the rate of newly infected patients in very high as compared to people who are get recovered after being under isolation while experiencing mild symptoms for around two weeks.

Across the world, hundreds of thousands of patients are admitted to hospitals for strict monitoring in intensive care units to help prevent life-threatening conditions caused by the severe and critical symptoms of COVID-19. Across the world, the number of coronavirus cases has reached up to 3,595,600, out of which only 1,166,556 people have been able to fully recover back to their optimum health level as active coronavirus cases still dominate recovered cases globally.

Active coronavirus cases

The confirmed active coronavirus cases count across the world has reached to 2,179,819, out of which those infected patients who are suffering from mild symptoms are 2,129,868. Forty-nine thousand nine hundred fifty-one people are currently suffering from serious critical health levels and are under strict observation in hospitals, being treated by doctors, nurses, and physiotherapists relieve their condition as soon as possible because no drug or antidote has been discovered that count yet completely eliminate the virus from the bloodstream.

Multiple researchers have been working alongside pharmaceutical companies to try to make the new drug, but that would take more than one year to complete the process along with FDA approval, due to which previously made drugs are being tested on COVID-19 along with clinical trials to find a pre-existing drug which might help eliminate the infection as the number of active coronavirus cases still dominate recovered cases globally.

To help people with a sudden dangerous and critical condition, doctors are advised to prescribe the usage of auto-immune drugs such as chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine to prevent any life-threatening condition as active coronavirus cases still dominate recovered cases globally, as these drugs and generally used to treat diabetes mellitus, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, and malaria but can have severe side effects including the permanent retina and brain damage along with hallucinations and suicidal capacities.

Recovery time form COVID-19 infection

According to the records formed by using the preliminary data of previously coronavirus infected patients, the recovery time for mild cases has the average of 2 week, while 3-6 week time duration is required to treat and completely heal those patients who suffered from the critical condition due to weak immune system of the body, due to which COVID-19 active coronavirus cases still dominate recovered cases globally.

All actively infected coronavirus patients should be immediately put into quarantine as they are very prone to spreading the virus, causing multiple individuals to be the potential target for the infection as COVID-19 can persist on surfaces for the time duration of a few hours up to several days depending on the type of material and one of the reasons behind why active coronavirus cases still dominate recovered cases globally

To reduce further spread and transmission of infection in the surrounding environment, some countries across the world took early initiative including South Korea as the country has also previously dealt with the situation of MERS and SARS epidemics, which are very similar to COVID-19, so the prevention protocols were almost the same, the general population of the region also obliged the stay at home orders given by the government as the public has previously lost many people to airborne contagious infections and did not want the history to repeat itself, resulting in fatalities than usual.

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