About 31 Late-Stage Terror Plots Foiled in The UK In Four Years: MI5 Claims

The Recent Series of Events in Afghanistan Is Likely to Have an Impact on The Emboldening of Extremists

According to the head of the security and intelligence services in the United Kingdom, MI5 said that a total number of 31 late-stage terror plots have successfully been foiled by the firm throughout the United Kingdom in the recent previous four years. Ken McCallum, the director-general of MI%, had revealed it to the public in the month of October that there had been 27 late-stage terror plots that had been thwarted since the year 2017, and during the onset of the coronavirus pandemic in the region, six attacks at different locations have been neutralized.

He added that most of these late-stage terror plots have links to Islamic extremists, although the majority of scheduled attacks had been planned by right-wing terrorists. Mr. McCallum has also given a warning to the general population of the region that the fall of Afghanistan in the hands of the Taliban forces is likely to have an impact on the terrorists in the United Kingdom and might have further emboldened them.

Elimination of terror organizations

The terror threats will not be changing over the course of days, but it might provide a kind of a morale boost for the terror extremist to plan more late-stage terror plots. The threat by terror organizations to the United Kingdom is an enduring and real thing and should be taken with a serious note.

The head of MI5 said that they are likely that more terrorist attacks might happen on the United Kingdom soil in the upcoming time duration. Even though the security service is working very hard to stop the attacks from ever happening, but to their dismay and horror, it is impossible to stop the attacks in their late-stage terror plots every time.

The MI5 has been able to save the lives of thousands of individuals across the time period of the past 20 years, but it has been unable to succeed every single time.

Role of Afghanistan

On the eve of the 9/11 attack in the United States about 2 decades ago, which marks its 20th anniversary, the head of MI5 gave an interview in which he stated that terrorist attacks which are conducted on a small scale by those that are already present in the United Kingdom have made up a major portion of the threats that are received by the MI5.

There are no doubts that the series of events that had occurred in Afghanistan due to the onset of control over the country by the Taliban forces at the time of the evacuation of the United States military forces from the region will likely have emboldened and heartened a part of the terror extremists that are present in the country already. Currently, the MI5 has become vigilant in precisely tackling these kinds of risky events, along with a wide range of other possible threats and late-stage terror plots.

He has given a warning saying that there is a massive risk of an increase in late-stage terror attacks that might be directed by terror groups, on top of which is al-Qaeda. One of the biggest concerns of flow from Afghanistan along with the immediate inspirational effect is the high risk of terrorists reconstitute and would ones again pose threats in a very well-designed and sophisticated manner that would be similar to those that had been faced during the time of 9/11 and multiple years after the attack.

While the government of the United Kingdom said that they would be judging the Taliban based on their actions, the security service of the United Kingdom should be planning for the likelihood of more risk over the course of time in a progressive manner that might flow towards out way and ready to thwart any late-stage terror attack in our region.

The threats by terrorists tend to be the same over a time duration in the sense of its sophisticated direction and plotting, infrastructure, or training camps. These kinds of things had been done by al-Qaeda during the attack of 9/11 while being in Afghanistan. The attacks require time for building it, and the 20 years-long effort done by the military forces of the United States had played a major part in it and had been largely successful in reducing the threat by terror organizations.

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