Abortion Is Legal In Argentina Now

All Pregnant Women Would Be Able To Get Legalized Abortion within 14th Week Of Pregnancy

The Congress of Argentina has recently passed the law for legalization of abortion in Argentina up to the 14th week of the pregnancy of the woman. This is a ground-breaking move for the entire region, as it has previously been one of the world’s major restraining termination regulations.

The senators contributed their votes in favor for the legalization of abortion after 38 votes have been in favor of the bill, while 29 people have voted against the legalization of abortion debate and one of them was absent during the voting.

Abortion as a legal medical procedure

Up till now, the process of abortion was only being allowed to undergo in the case of rape or if the health of the female involved is at extreme risk of fatality.

The bill for the legalization of abortion by the country has been approved in the first week of December 2020 by the Chambers of Deputies. According to the influential Catholic Church in Latin America has given their opposition regarding the debate on legalization of abortion, and has called the senators to urge them to give their votes in disagreement with the legalization of abortion, which has been rejected by President Alberto Fernandez.

The Argentinean pro-choice activist is hoping towards the passing of the legalization of abortion case, as the country is one of the most influential and largest countries around the region, which will also help in inspiring to other nations in the surrounding regions to follow suit with the opinion.

Huge crowds containing numerous people have gathered outside the Congress that is located in the city of Buenos Aires, which were both with and without the support towards legalization of abortion, and were following with the debate that was shown to the public on large screens. When the voting session for the legalization for abortion in Argentina was finally in the morning hours of Wednesday, there was jubilation in the camp of the pro-choice activists.

Fight for change for a long time

The activists, in agreement with the legalization of abortion in Argentina, have been fighting for the cause for the past several years. The passing for the law to legalize the abortion for a 14 week fetus has been allowed after consent from the mother in a rational and sober state. The passing for the law has been finalized after two years when the previous vote was in disregard for the abortion is a legal process by just a small fraction of votes.

President Fernandez argued that even though that he is a Catholic by religion, he is in approval with the legalization for abortion by country within 14th week of the pregnancy, as it has now become a major public health matter.

Every year, more than 38,000 women around the world are taken in the emergency department of hospitals due to the clandestine terminations of the fetus due to various medical reasons. Due to the same issue since the year 1983 and the restoration of the democracy, around 3,000 women tend to die due to their extremely critical condition while being admitted in the medical facility.

Along with the legalization of the abortion debate, the senators in Congress have also given their votes in favor for the bill named the ‘1000 Day Plan’, which has been designed to provide a better initiative for healthcare facility towards pregnant women and females that are the mother of their young children.

After voting his agreement for the legalization of abortion, President Fernandez posted his thoughts on Twitter, stating that on Today, we have been able to become a better society than yesterday, the community that is in support and widens initiatives for the rights of women and guarantees the health and care for the public.

The person who drafted the regulation for the legalization of abortion case, Vilma Ibarra was subdued with emotion while she was giving her statement along with crying under immense emotion to the reporters after the passing for the law, stating that no other women would be killed during an unexpected situation of clandestine abortion.

Before the commencement of the vote for the legalization of abortion, it has been predicted that the voting results would be extremely tied together, but in the end, the previously four senators with undecided votes were later in favor with the law, which was done after a long 12 hours debate on the legalization of abortion in Argentina.

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