Abbot Gets US Approval for Fast Coronavirus Tests

The company has increased production to 50, 000 tests per day

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COVID 19 or more commonly known as the novel coronavirus, has been declared pandemic, which was first diagnosed in Wuhan, China, and from which it has later spread far and wide across the globe. Due to the virus, 650, 913 individuals have been affected, out of which 139, 555have recovered back to optimum health. 30, 299 lives have been lost to the novel coronavirus which has spread to 199 countries and territories around the globe.

To counter the increasing death toll along with the surging infected patients daily, Abbot gets US approval for fast coronavirus tests, which will limit the increase in infected patients. The screen time for each patient would be reduced to minutes instead of hours.

Thousands of new individuals are being infected every day, even after the government of many countries has urged their general population to follow social distancing, which will help reduce the risk of further spread of the virus.

Diagnostic test for coronavirus

Abbot gets US approval for fast coronavirus tests on Friday as the machine would help reduce the screening time for each patient in minutes. The device would be infrequent use of all health care centers, including hospitals, urgent care centers, and physician offices, to provide a fast screen of individuals as it would help detect if the person has been infected by COVID 19 or not.

The reason behind this fast decision as Abbot gets US approval for fast coronavirus tests as the United States is at the top of countries with most infected people with coronavirus and has even surpassed the number of coronavirus patients in China.

The country is trying to do its best, but is still undergoing an economic recession due to which they cannot provide free testing of the virus for the general population. Abbot gets US approval for fast coronavirus tests, which were granted by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) under emergency use authorization.

Abbot gets US approval for fast coronavirus tests and is expected to manufacture 50, 000 tests per day in the upcoming week. The time duration required by a COVID 19 positive sample is 5 minutes as compared to 13 minute requirement by COVID 19 negative sample. The general public can take the test and get the results in a matter of minutes, which would save the time of both the public and doctors.

Another coronavirus testing device

Abbot gets US approval for fast coronavirus tests and other portable and travel-friendly device and will work on the Abbot’s ID NOW platform. This second diagnostic tool, which has been approved by the FDA, can be used directly by any medical practitioner. This is a molecular test machine which will help provide results for coronavirus in minutes and an excellent addition to the other diagnostic tools which are under production to fight against the pandemic due to which the global economy is in recession.

Abbot gets US approval for fast coronavirus tests and is planning to produce 5 million tests per month that would be used throughout the country. Currently, the company is set to distribute 150, 000 tests immediately across the United States. The device can also be used to test other viral infections, including Influenza type A and B, RSV, and Strep A.

In the last week, a surge was seen in approvals regarding rapid point of care diagnostic tools by several companies in the United States, which were approved by the FDA under emergency use authorization. The requirement of these screening tests is increasing in the country as the infected people count has surpassed 82, 000 only in the United States, which is even higher than mainland China.

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