A Man Got COVID Twice With More Severity In USA

25-Year-Old Male Suffered From Acute Hypoxia after Getting Coronavirus Again

25-Year-Old Male Suffered From Acute Hypoxia after Getting Coronavirus Again

In the United States, the same individual has been diagnosed with the viral infection COVID twice, and the second diagnosis has caused far more severe and complications as compared with the first one.

The person is a 25-year-old male who required immediate medical attention when his lungs were unable to get the oxygen from the surrounding environment, causing hypoxia in his vital organs. After treatment, the person has now recovered.

The individual diagnosed with COVID twice does not have any underlying medical complication or immunity deficits, which might have made him an especially vulnerable host for coronavirus pathogens.

The cases of re-infection for the coronavirus viral disease have been very rarely diagnosed since its first outbreak in November last year in China. A recent ongoing research study in the Lancet Infectious Disease has increased the curiosity regarding the increased build-up of immunity in the body after an individual has acquired and later become treated for the disease.

A male caught COVID twice in Nevada

According to the scientists, after reviewing this particular case of the individual who has been diagnosed with the COVID twice in the United States have stated that the person caught the viral pathogen two times, rather than the first pathogen attacked again after it became dormant for some time.

Blood samples from the male patient for both diagnoses were compared and reviewed, which shows a significant distinction between pathogens at both times, confirming the theory that the patient caught COVID twice.

According to the head of the research study from the University of Nevada, Dr. Mark Pandori, it has now been concluded that any individual who has been diagnosed with coronavirus infection could potentially be diagnosed and infected with COVID twice.

This new possibility of re-infection caused by the viral pathogen could potentially provide further insight into the understanding of the immunity against COVID-19.

Multiple research teams are currently reviewing and solving the issue of immunity against coronavirus infection, which has caused more than 1,086,575 deaths across the world since its outbreak was confirmed 11 months ago.

No clear outcome is yet finalized as to why the patient from Nevada suffered from a severe shock by getting tested positive for COVID twice.  One theory suggests that he might have been exposed to a large dosage of the virus in the first time of infection, making his body more prone to disease with less immune response. Another theory suggests that the first immunologic response by the body might have aggravated the symptoms of the second time of infection in the individual.

Re-infection of coronavirus infection across the world

Out of the 38,116,701 individuals who have been diagnosed with the coronavirus infection until now, only a few of the patients have been diagnosed with COVID twice after they had completely recovered from the previous attack of the viral pathogen.

There have been some individuals who have been tested positive for COVID twice in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Hong Kong. But in all these cases, the second acquiring of the infection was not more severe than the first time when the viral pathogen entered their bloodstream.

One individual located in Ecuador has mirrored the case diagnosed in the United States with more severity for the second time than the first one as he was also diagnosed with getting COVID twice, but the person did not require hospital care.

Although this is an initial period to ensure complete stability regarding the coronavirus infection when compared to the history of other pathogenic pandemic and the complications caused by them.

In the upcoming future, when the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic is expected to arrive in the cold weather along with numerous cases of cold and flu and accumulation of people in enclosed spaces to fight the cold, the issues including getting tested positive for COVID twice and the extent of immunity an individual gets after getting affected by the viral infection will provide clear further clarifications.

According to the researchers working on the coronavirus pandemic, the second wave of the COVID-19 would be less severe than the first one, as the human body has slightly adapted to fight against the virus in the first wave.

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