5 Soldiers Killed by Suspected Militants in Indian-Administered Kashmir

There Have Been Increased Levels of Tensions in Recent Days Amid the Civilian Killings Wave

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According to the Indian military forces, five of their personnel have lost their lives after they were shot by live ammunition by some individuals that are likely to be part of the suspected militia in the region of Indian-administered Kashmir. The Indian soldiers had been killed after a massive fight had erupted while the military forces were conducting a search operation in the area, which is located close to the Line of Control on Monday, which is a separating border between the nations of Pakistan-controlled Kashmir and Indian-administered Kashmir.

According to the Indian army, this most recent attack on their military personnel, which had ended in the death of five of their soldiers, had been the deadliest of the attacks that had occurred on the Indian armed forces by Kashmiri civilians since the month of February this year.

Escalated levels of tensions

The tensions in the region of Indian-administered Kashmir have recently escalated during a sudden wave of killings by Kashmiri civilians that are suspected to be a part of a rebellion group that has formed in the area to protect themselves along with other innocent residents from the tyranny of the Indian military.

Indian soldiers had recently surrounded a village located in the Poonch district after receiving multiple reports that multiple armed insurgents are in hiding in the area, according to the Indian-administered Kashmir officials.

A military officer, along with four low ranking soldiers, had died after being shot at during the search operation that was being conducted by them, and the operation is still ongoing to find and arrest the rebellious insurgents, according to the statement given by the spokesperson of the army Lt Colonel Devender Anand.

In the previous week, seven of the Kashmiri civilians were killed by live ammunition within the time frame of six days, and the blame of these killings has been put on the Kashmiri militants that have recently surfaced with more firepower in the region of Indian-administered Kashmir. Several politicians have condemned the occurrence of these fatal attacks.

Recently, the security forces of India had shot a suspected insurgent that has ties with The Resistance Front (TRF), which according to the belief of Indian authorities, is fully backed by the neighboring country of Pakistan and is behind all of the recently occurred causalities among civilians residing in the region of Indian-administered Kashmir.

In the hopes to stop the recent escalating tensions in the region, more than 400 individuals have been taken in by the Indian military forces for questioning purposes.

Article 370

It has been stated by the Indian officials that since the government of India has revoked almost of all of the Article 370 in the country’s constitution, which has stripped off the autonomy of the region of Jammu and Kashmir that had been guaranteed by them for the past 6 decades, a large amount of young civilian residing in the region is being drawn towards the insurgency that has been formed for a long duration, with its aim to be against the rule of Indian government over them.

It has been argued by the Hindu nationalist BJP-led government that its move in the year 2019 had been a necessary requirement that was done in an attempt to help in the restoration of stability in the region, along with bringing financial prosperity to the citizens of Indian-administered Kashmir.

Even two years after the revoked Article 30, the Kashmir valley has continued to suffer from increased tensions, with the military officials saying that more local youth is being drawn towards the insurgents to fight against the unlawful tyranny of the Indian military. The militant force in Kashmir had reported formed in the year 1989 to combat the rule of the Indian government over them.

The countries of Pakistan and India are nuclear powers, and in history have fought against each other two wars over the disputed region of Kashmir since the independence of both nations seven decades ago. The claims have been made regarding the whole territory to be their own, and since then, the region is under constant war, while the citizens are suffering due to the constantly ongoing military operations.

In the month of February last year, both countries had clashed in a series of attacks that were conducted aerially over the region of Indian-administered Kashmir.

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