4 Terrorists Attack On Pakistan Stock Exchange

Four Armed Militants Were Killed Within Eight Minutes

Four Armed Militants Were Killed Within Eight Minutes

There has been a deadly 4 terrorists attack on Pakistan Stock Exchange in Karachi, during which two security guards and a policeman were killed along with seven wounded civilians by four armed gunmen. This attack occurred in the early hours on Monday. The attackers initially launched a grenade attack on the main gates of the building, after which they suddenly opened fire. The gunfight happened to the lower levels of the building as the terrorists never got the change to enter the trading floor.

The working staff present inside the building at the time of the attack took refuge inside several locked rooms, but multiple people were able to be evacuated safely. The credit for the 4 terrorists attack on Pakistan Stock Exchange has been taken by the militia group called Baloch Liberation Army.

Multiple Ethnic Baloch groups have previously fought a long-running rebellion to get a separate nation along with a large number of shares in Pakistan’s resources in the province of Balochistan. Due to these militia groups, Pakistan has suffered from numerous amount of violence by the hands of militants. In the last recent years, the number of these sorts of attacks has reduced to a minimum.

Events during the attack on the stock exchange in Pakistan

The beginning of the 4 terrorists attack on Pakistan Stock Exchange began when a grenade was launched by one of the armed militants, after which they started firing on a security post by using automated rifles. The militant attackers arrived in silver Toyota Corolla, after which they were stopped outside the building’s gate by security police. The first gunfight began while at the outer main gate of the stock exchange.

Three security guards and a policeman died due to severe injuries, and seven individuals, including three police officers, were wounded who were present on the scene during the exchange of heavy fire against four militants. All wounded individuals are being treated in hospitals after the 4 terrorists attack on Pakistan Stock Exchange.

The attackers were killed before they were able to enter inside the main area of the exchange building. After the militants were neutralized, heavy firearms, including explosives, grenades, and other automated weapons, were recovered. The gunmen opened fire as soon as he got out of the car, after which, within eight minutes, the rescue force team was able to nullify the targets.

An ongoing investigation for the 4 terrorists attack on Pakistan Stock Exchange suggests a thorough search of the surrounding area to check if there were more militants involved in the attack. The images obtained from the crime scene show two covered dead bodies alongside a large amount of weaponry and ammunition.

Reason for Balochi resistance attacks

There are more than half a dozen completely armed resistance groups across Balochistan that are behind multiple attacks that have occurred in Pakistan previously. In 2018, the members of BLA had tried to attack the Chinese embassy in Pakistan, during which four individuals were shot to death, but the rest of the people present inside the building were safe.

In the last year, BLA has also attacked a five-star hotel in Gawadar, a port city in Balochistan. This hotel was a centerpiece in a Chinese project, which was worth multi-billion dollars. This objective was chosen to directly target the Chinese people and their investors. The reason behind targeting, this is because the Chinese project investment in Balochistan does not benefit the local population of the region. Now this year, the same group has been behind the armed 4 terrorists attack on Pakistan Stock Exchange.

The original reason for the formation of BLA was to seek political autonomy for Balochistan, but gradually the group has evolved into an extremely violent and heavily armed separatist movement and has now been added in the list of terrorist organizations located in Pakistan, USA, and the UK.

Even though the region is surplus with large amounts of natural gas and coal reserves, as well as gold and copper, Balochistan is the most impoverished area of Pakistan till date.

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