38 Protestors Killed: Myanmar Deadliest Day

UN Security Council Were Stopped Over Military Coup Due To Opposition By Russia And China

At least around 38 individuals have been killed in the Asian country of Myanmar on March 3, which has also been described by the United Nations as the bloodiest day since the military coup started nearly a month ago.

The United Nations envoy that has been sent to Myanmar stated that very shocking video footage was coming out regarding the frightening situations that took place in the country. According to several witnesses present at the site of the incident, the security forces, which are under the control of the military after the Myanmar coup, opened fire with live ammunition and rubber bullets.

There have been multiple mass public demonstrations, and acts of civil disobedience have been observed across the country of Myanmar since the military forces of the nation seized power on February 1. The protesters are still going on throughout the country, calling to end the dictating military enforcement, along with the release of the recently elected government officials of Myanmar, including Aung San Suu Kyi, who also has been detained for a month and overthrown from her position of power.

The violent suppression of the peaceful public protestors and the military Myanmar coup has led to condemnation from around the globe, which has by far been completely ignored by the military forces. The latest violent acts inflicted over the public come after the day when the neighboring country of Myanmar urged the armed forces of the country to exercise restraint.

Sudden opening of live ammunition

Since the military coup started in Myanmar, more than 50 individuals have died along with numerous injured in the process. Video footage shows that the local police are brutally physically beating an unarmed volunteer for the medical crew. Another footage shows the public protestors in Myanmar being shot dead with firearms and possibly killed while on the street in broad daylight.

After getting an evaluation report regarding the firearms used by the local police department to control the protestors, the video does not provide a completely clear view of the firearm, but it probably looks like that they are using 9mm submachine guns, confirming the usage of live ammunition of unarmed and unprotected innocent civilians.

There have been several reports have been obtained from inside Myanmar stated that the security forces in charge of containing the large crowds had opened fire on public gatherings without giving any warning signs or alert in various cities of Myanmar, including its capital city Yangon. Amongst the individuals who got killed, two boys aged 14 and 17 and a 19 years old female were also included.

Around 6 individuals are reportedly killed after being shot by the police forces during a demonstration that occurred in the area of Monywa located in the central region of Myanmar. At least30 people got injured due to the sudden unrest caused by the shots fired.

A volunteer medical crew member said that in Myinggyan, around 10 individuals had gotten critically injured as the security forces fired rubber bullets, tear gas, and live ammunition rounds on the completely unarmed and unprotected public. Now the police don’t even spray with water cannons to avoid fatality as they are authorized to fire guns at their own disposal without any prior warning to disperse.

No comments have been given by the military officials regarding the increasing daily number of reported deaths caused by the police forces.

Enforced military despite increasing pressure

As the world gets to know about the military oppression of Myanmar and increasing unease, the armed military forces have given their statement saying that they are completely ready to withstand the isolation and sanctions after the Myanmar coup.

The envoy sent by the United Nations to Myanmar has urged the United Nations to take immediate action against the governing generals of the Myanmar military. During a conversation with the deputy military chief of Myanmar, the UN envoy has also given a warning regarding such punitive actions. In response to that, the answer given was that they had to learn to walk with only a few friends.

Meanwhile, several sanctions are being considered by various countries of the West, including the United States. The United Nations Security Council, which is an international peacekeeping body, has stated their concerns regarding the current chaotic situation in Myanmar but stopped before condemning the Myanmar coup due to opposition by both China and Russia, who review the matter as an internal affair of the country.

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