29 Elderly People Die in Norway Due To Pfizer Vaccine

Frail Individuals Living In Nursing Homes Could Possibly Experience Fatal Side Effects

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The coronavirus pandemic has caused massive havoc and chaos throughout the world as the infection has been diagnosed in every single country worldwide in just a matter of months. Up till now, more than 96 million individuals have been diagnosed with the COVID-19 infection since its first detection in the Chinese city of Wuhan on November 17, 2019. To counter this increasing issue that has spread globally, a viable BioNTech and Pfizer vaccine has been developed by the joint collaboration of both pharmaceutical firms.

COVID-19 infection and vaccine

Due to the coronavirus pandemic that has caused excessive financial issues and economic recession throughout the globe, both in developed and underdeveloped countries. The nationwide lockdown and closure of all businesses have caused multiple damages to the stability and firmness for them.

Various viable vaccines apart from the Pfizer vaccine have been developed by multiple pharmaceutical companies around the world, and are currently being manufactured on a large scale for mass consumption. As the working and safety have been checked after multiple testing done on the Pfizer vaccine, it was deemed safe for consumption by humans to gain immunity against the rapidly spreading deadly coronavirus infection.

The United States Food and Drug Administration authority has officially issued the consumption of the Pfizer vaccine for emergency use authorization (EUA) on December 11, 2020. The Pfizer vaccine has currently being provided in the United Kingdom, the United States and various countries in Europe. Meanwhile, several nations have provided order for mass manufacturing for the Pfizer vaccine to provide them to their general population free of cost.

Recently, Norway has also provided their residents of the nation with the viable Pfizer vaccine, which initially has been injected in the elderly population and health care workers that are working on the frontline to tackle the deadly COVID-19 infection.

Mortalities due to Pfizer vaccine

Recently, 29 elderly individuals have been reported died after they were injected with the Pfizer vaccine, for which the local team of doctors are thoroughly investigating the cause of the unexplained reaction. It is a possibility that the Pfizer vaccine would cause adverse effects in people, and may have contributed towards their fatality in some of the more frail individuals.

The probable side effects that have been detected from the Pfizer vaccine are usually observed to be in rare cases and are usually in mild quantity. The symptoms that have been observed in people after they have been injected with the Pfizer vaccine are nausea and fever, which would possibly convert into much lethal in patients that are already frail and ill.

Follow the mortality of the 29 individuals; the Norwegian Institute of Public Health has updated their guide for coronavirus vaccination into a comprehensive version with respect to the Pfizer vaccine being provided, which now also includes a much through details advice for elderly individuals that have fallen terminally ill or have become frail.

The new guidance stated that every individual would be evaluated to determine whether the beneficial effects of the Pfizer vaccine outweighs any possible risk or adverse effects for the person. As of January 14, 2021, more than 42,000 people across the country of Norway were able to receive the shot for their first dosage of the Pfizer vaccine. In multiple other countries, the elderly populations along with people residing in nursing homes and diagnosed with any health conditions are first in line to receive to be able to receive the vaccine, as they are more prone to be able to acquire the infection.

While the cause of death is yet unclear regarding the deaths caused in the elderly population after consuming the Pfizer vaccine, research is currently undergoing to prevent further unexpected events. The age group that is affected by the Pfizer vaccine is 75 to 80 years and above people. It has been noted that the deaths caused by the injection of the vaccine were within the first few days.

According to the understanding of Dr Anthony Fauci, the deaths of those individuals have occurred after the follow up of booster shot of the Pfizer vaccine, usually when individuals usually feel the symptoms likes malaise, fever and aches. It is possible that when a patient is in extreme frail condition, even the amount of stress they experience will cause mortality.

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