2 Universities Sue Over US Visa Decision

This Move Is Senseless, Xenophobic and Cruel

Visa Decision Move Is Senseless, Xenophobic and Cruel

After the changes in immigration laws due to the coronavirus pandemic, out of several elite schools across the country, 2 universities sue over US visa decision. This decision affects those foreign students that were studying in multiple universities across the United States, but due to the nationwide lockdown amid the coronavirus pandemic, their courses have been completely shifted online.

The 2 universities sue over US visa decision are the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard. The lawsuits have been filed against the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Homeland Security. According to the President of Harvard, this recent move regarding US visa that the line of cruelty is only surpassed if it is used recklessly.

University courses transferred online

Numerous schools and universities have transferred their courses for the rest of this semester online to provide the students with academic studies and lectures amid the coronavirus pandemic across the country. Out of the 2 universities sue over US visa decision Harvard has transferred all of the courses and lectures online for the autumn semester as the rest of the classes would be conducted online. Only around 40% of the total undergraduate students are living in their dorms amid the coronavirus nationwide lockdown.

ICE, a department located inside Homeland Security, is a federal law enforcement agency that has to give a statement saying that all overseas students could face deportations from the country unless they transfer themselves into an institute that is currently conducting the in-person course. Due to this issue that is concerning for numerous students, 2 universities sue over US visa decision.

After Harvard and MIT filed the lawsuit against the country’s Homeland Security department, United States President Donald Trump strikes on Harvard for this ‘ridiculous’ move, as they should open in-person classes on campus as soon as possible. President Trump is stuck on the fact that multiple other countries that were previously suffering from a severe coronavirus outbreak inside their countries are easily reopening their educational system for proper and continuous classes.

Trump wants to resume the autumn semester of the schooling system by opening all educational institutes while following the preventive measures. If all schools are not open for the upcoming semester, President Trump has to threaten on Twitter to remove the funding for the school.

Lawsuits of 2 universities

Due to the filing of the lawsuit as 2 universities sue over US visa decision, after the Homeland security decided to deport foreign students who are currently only attending online classes organized by their respective institute. Harvard University has a temporary restraining order and permanent and preliminary injunctive relief in opposition to the recent decision of overseas student visas.

The legal proceedings argue that the move by ICE is directly against several elite universities and threw them into chaos, but MIT and Harvard are 2 universities sue over US visa decision. The ICE decision is without the overall health of the students, professors, faculty, and staff workers amid the coronavirus pandemic. If this decision is accepted, it would directly affect those hundreds of thousands of international students as they would not have any educational options left.

The sub-department operated by ICE, which is called the Student and Exchange Visitor Program, has temporarily allowed students whose semester courses have been transferred online amid the coronavirus pandemic to stay in the United States for the time period to complete their spring semester. But this exemption will follow through to the upcoming semester and academic year.

This move made by Homeland Security and ICE is cruel, xenophobic, and senseless, which is described by Senator Elizabeth Warren. But President Trump is bent towards reopening all educational systems as soon as possible.

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