Two Suspected Neighbors Arrested For 13 Year Girl Rape And Murder in India

Numerous Rape And Murder Cases Are Reported Across The Country On A Weekly Basis

Numerous Rape And Murder Cases Are Reported Across The Country On A Weekly Basis

In India, a 13 year old child had been raped and later murdered in the state of Uttar Pradesh on Saturday, in which two suspected individuals were arrested. The corpse of the girl was later found in a sugarcane field on the northern side of Uttar Pradesh. The local police department has denied all accounts given by the father that the corpse of her daughter had her tongue cut off and eyes gouged out of their sockets. This is one of the numerous cases of rape and murder being reported daily across the country.

Safety of young females at huge risk

Since 2012, the cases of sexual violence and rape have been under the focus of attention, as there have been a large number of cases related to the murder of young women and gang rape in the region of India. Due to these escalating issues regarding the safety of young women for rape and murder, which also prompted multiple protests and demonstrations that led towards changing the rape laws of the country, the crimes continue to occur in larger numbers. Even after all these huge efforts, no change has been seen regarding the safety and integrity of young females in the country.

According to a recent report of crime figures in India, one girl out of four rape victim is an innocent child. In a huge amount of the rape and murder cases, the victim already knows about the perpetrators. The latest case of rape and murder has been reported in the Pakaria village in Lakhimpur Kheri district, which occurred on Friday evening. The family of the child went in search of their daughter after she failed to return back home timely from a toilet break outside in the fields. The family later reported that the body was found completely mutilated.

After the case was reported under rape and murder, the police department did the post-mortem examination of the female corpse and was confirmed that the child died from strangulation after being raped, but have denied all allegations that the eyes of the body were gouged out or her tongue was cut off. The post-mortem report stated that there were scratches around the eye area, most likely due to the sharp and pointed leaves of the sugar cane plant present around the incident site.

Multiple child rape cases in India

Jitin Prasada, one of the senior party members of the Opposition Congress-Part has highly condemned this rape and murder attack as a saddening moment for the entire country. According to the Times of India, this inhumane attack on a small innocent child has put the entire humanity to shame. This recent case of rape and murder has been reported several months after the case of a small 6 year old girl who was kidnapped outside her residence in the state of Madhya Pradesh and later raped. The attacker of the child inflicted severe damage to the eyes to stop any apparent attempt to stop the child from identifying him.

On February 2020, in the Indian city of Dehli, a 25 year old young man had been arrested for allegedly rapid a child of 5 years old while being on the premises of the United States Embassy located in the city. Last year in the month of November, the gang rape and murder of 27 year old female vet was reported in the city of Hyderabad located in the southern region of the country. This case of inhumane activity also made global headlines and triggered multiple huge protests across the country. Across the country, there have been increasing cases of rape and murder, despite the change in the country’s laws regarding rape.

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