10 Pakistani Players Have Tested Positive For Coronavirus

Six Scheduled Matches Will Begin In August

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A total number of 10 Pakistani players have tested positive for coronavirus, out of which seven were recently tested for the infection. These recent tests have been done by the Pakistani Cricket Board before they are scheduled to depart for their tour towards England. The matches between Pakistan and England are scheduled to start on June 28.

Wasim Akram, chief executive of the Pakistan Cricket Board, has only allowed those players to go ahead on the tour who have tested negative in the testing for coronavirus. This recent news of 10 Pakistani players have tested positive for coronavirus will not affect the entire arranged time table for this tour to England.

Pakistan Vs. England matches disturbed due to coronavirus spread

According to the scheduled program, the Pakistani cricket team will compete against England in three test matches and three twenty 20 matches that are expected to be held in the beginning of August. The England director of cricket is looking forward to welcoming the Pakistani cricket team. According to him, the test match series is far away, during which the players would be able to successfully recover back to their optimum health. This statement was given when only 3 cases were reported for coronavirus.

Haris Rauf, Shadab Khan, and Haider Ali did not show any symptoms, but after testing on Sunday, they were positive for coronavirus. Including these three, a total number of 10 Pakistani players have tested positive for coronavirus.

The players that have recently contacted the coronavirus infection are under strict quarantine inside their residential houses to complete and safe recovery. Those individuals who are key members during this tournament series between Pakistan and England are all being tested for coronavirus. Those people who have been tested negative in the initial testing are required to meet up on Wednesday.

On Thursday, all members who are allowed to go to England for the cricket series will be tested again and then depart for their scheduled flight to England. After arrival, all members will be tested again within 24 hours of landing. Those 10 Pakistani players have tested positive for coronavirus will have to provide two negative tests for coronavirus to the Pakistan Cricket Board before they are allowed to travel to England to take part in the tournament.

Coronavirus is a very dangerous and deadly infectious disease. Some of the fittest cricketers in the Pakistani team have contacted the virus and have shown no symptoms of acquiring the virus, portraying the lethal aspect of the pathogen.

Even though 10 Pakistani players have tested positive for coronavirus, they will be kept up to date on the day to day events along with strict monitoring of their vitals. These players will be provided with proper antibody testing, and as soon as they are tested negative and fit to travel, they will be called to England to take part in the test match series alongside their squad.

Cricket match series scheduled in England

As the number of coronavirus infectious patients in decreasing in England, it was allowed by the government to reschedule the cricket match series in multiple stadiums across the country while following the standard operating protocol assigned by the government to combat coronavirus. All matches would be done without the presence of a live audience in complete bio-secure environments.

Cricket match series in England after the lockdown was started by completing against West Indies in three test matches. These matches will start on July 8. After West Indies, matches against Pakistan will be played in the month of August. To combat the growing issue of coronavirus outbreak in Pakistani players as already 10 Pakistani players have tested positive for coronavirus. Four additional players have been added into a 29 player squad in case more new coronavirus cases are reported while on tour.

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